Shaurya name astrology

For most parents, it describes the courage and righteousness of Arjun from Mahabharat. In numerology, Atharv is a number 7.

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They are deep thinkers who aspire to a better world and are daring enough to swim against the current. Those influenced by this number stands out for their diplomacy, and their flexible nature makes them great team players. Parth in numerology is a number 9, often having a competitive streak, which may escalate to greatness. Aarush is a number 5 and those with number 5 are explorers and love to connect with others.

This name comes from number 18, hence Astrology can say a lot of information about Neel. As per astrology, the power number 18 represents unlimited happiness.

Names starting with S have some significance in Astrology. They are also flawless at every work they pursue. Find Auspicious stones.

Name Starts with Letter S - Hindi

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Signs or Symptoms of Pregnancy. Pregnancy Tests. Birth Control. Weight on other planets. See Mobile Version. Person with name Shourya are mainly Hindu by religion. Find compatibility of name Shourya with different names. Fame for being brave. Kumbh Aquarius. Saturn Shani. Due to the effect of letter S its natives are strongly dedicated towards religion.

They can also take up religion as their occupation.

Manglik Dosh- A taboo

These people are truly blessed as they are good musician and good stage personality. People of this category are fond of animals and birds. Also, very interestingly, they admire unusual relationships. Letter S gives person qualities to become a politician, so that they can serve poor people better. Person born with name Shaurya are with great bliss. People having this number are peaceful and pleasure loving. However bad any circumstance may be these people have a unique quality to turn every bad into positive.

These natives are born with leading personalities. If their profession requires them to lead, it will be a great opportunity for them. Because of the influence of this number people are compelled to make big sacrifices in life. It may be for their parents or their loved ones. Power number 19 enables people to make the best of their lives with the application of their acquired knowledge.

They can take part in charity as their hearts ache for distressed population. The only negative aspect of these persons is that they cannot check their anger. In order to carry on in their lives they must bridle their hot temper. These natives have a business oriented mentality. This helps them to get higher in industrial career.


Choosing friends carefully will be a prudent step for them. The natives with name Shaurya are full of power. They become bore with monotony. All people love them for their pleasing personality and attractive nature.

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  7. If their life is stuck at some point of time, they totally hate that. They needs innovative things in life.