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Deep spiritual truths will triumph over superficial fake news?

This description has always intrigued me, particularly the part about not achieving goodness of the soul in a previous life. Jamie, could natal jupiter retrograde indicate excessive preoccupation with religion or spiritual matters? My Mum natal Jupiter retro only ever reads spiritual books and only goes on spiritual holiday retreats.

This, as well as, regular meditating. Jupiter transiting my 5th house. On 22 degree in sagittarius i have vertex point. My moon and Mars are in 24 degree taurus. Till now nothing with to find love.


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Many years ago when jupiter starts transiting my 5th house i found a big love. But now. I really want to know and understand the reason why i have being subject of struggles for so long. And the one that aches me most in my heart now is my love life. I have being in a relationship for 5 years, we both agreed to get married but only for an issue to come up last December 15th. Please i need help and solution on how to win her back to my life.

Hey buddy, first thing first , go to therapy please. Depression can be dangerous and if you want to spiritually continue your journey into your love life , you have to take care about your health too. But if you want to try anyway you have to reflect about what went wrong and how can you both work on that. You can read some books about relationships, they can be useful.

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Stay strong. If you like astrology check your north node first and the house and sign it is in: it might indicate where you might meet important obstacles in life. Also check your Saturn, the house and sign it is in and the house of the sign of capricorn in your chart. It could be that you struggle because there is a lesson you need to learn here.

If you feel so let down you might need to consider that you are the one provoking this feeling in you, not other people. You have to be your best partner in life. Relationships are only an addition to life. If you meet rejections you have to go somewhere else. You will eventually find people that are made to be with you, friends or better, or you might have natal aspects that indicate this will be always a struggle for you because you need to try something else entirely, like need to appreciate independance, roaming in the free world in a detached way.

My experience has been. The good things that brought you together again will be replaced at some point by the things that caused you to part the 1st round. Of course you would have to look at other aspects. Great stuff Jamie.! From my generation I have met several women from the year that have their N. These people always have an uplifting effect on me. These are some of the things you could look at for a possible happy relationship.

Jupiter is optimism! There are all sorts of ways people interact Suzie. A female Venus on a male mars or a good aspect to for example. Neither knew anything about astrology and they spent almost 50 years together.

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NASA passing along Jupiter photos today, that, if you look at the Earth astrology of the date it was taken, you might get the impression our planet had something to do with it. So, if I am performing herculean maintenance on a finite schedule… makes me wonder if That is what we experience when planets are gifted with hard aspects. Will we see another deep atmospheric intrusion of Solar wind here, on Jupiter, or somewhere else?

Indeed, the climate on Mars is as remarkable as that on Jupiter, occurring at the same time. So what gives? The aspects created by the movement of the inner planets then act as triggers within the longer duration alignments. We are in the midst of a Cardinal cross, as Javed explains. The potent wobble generated by the Sun squaring the nodes, plus a select group of supporting planetary aspects, including and especially relevant to this thread, Jupiter conj Juno, the long term consort who shares similar values.

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  • I would expect with a Jupiter-Juno opposition, the next 4 months will be a peroid when long term consorts have their values tested, or their love, as the case may be. The Juno-Moon conjunction, as Jamie explains, aids in transcedence, especially when the egregious ego is tamed. I have this aspect in my natal chart. Astronomers have noticed the Jupiter Great Red Spot unfurling, and are using Jupiter-Juno opposition astrological language to describe the disassembly.

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    The planet is already known to be in the midst of a rare Equatorial Zone EZ clearing event, as the normally white EZ has changed color to a brownish tan. My Jupiter is Retrograded in Taurus in the 7th House goodie….

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    Relates to Hopes and goals, opportunity through social network, clubs, organizations and peer groups. If you need something ask this network. Menu Skip to content. Search for:. Jupiter Retrograde April 3, April 17, Jamie Partridge. I want to restart my studies at University. Would I be successful? Definitely NO!! Bad stars Reply.

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    Thanks Reply. How are you doing Donovan lol Reply. Jupiter, Age of Aquarius chart, Jan 12, Jupiter is a very Important planet in Astrology Reply. You May Also Like.

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